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Armfit+ Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor + ECG BP2


VIATOM Dual-Head Wireless Ultrasound Scanner


Viatom 3 in 1 portable ultrasound C10


Checkme Suit Portable Vital Signs Monitor Suit


Checkme Pro vital signs monitor with ECG holter & wireless bp monitor


Disposable Isolation Gown with Knitted Cuff


Disposable sterile reinforced surgical gown


Disposable Sterile TUR Pack


Disposable Sterile Arthroscopy Pack With Pouch




Duru Cyborg Plus CR Total Knee System


Phototherapy Unit


Infant Incubator


Blood Bank refrigerator 120L


Ward Screen


Portable Stainless Steel Sterilizer (Axiom – UK)


Diathermy Electrosurgical Machine


Operating Table


Semi auto chemistry analyzer


CTG Machine Electrocardiograph


Patient trolley plastic


Emergency Bed


Syringe Infusion Pump


Oxygen concentrator double bottle


Olympus CX23 Microscope


Best Pearl Medical ECG 12 Channel


HD 330 Endoscopic Camera


HD 930 Endoscopic camera


HD 390 Endoscopic camera


HD340 Portable Endoscopic camera


HD 960 Endoscopic camera


HD370 Portable Endoscopic camera (1200 line LED80W 24,Computer,Wireless,)


Portable Endoscope camera HD320 (1080P,line,LED60W +15.6)


HD310 Endoscopic camera (900 line LED60W 15.6)


HD 910 Endoscopic camera (1200 line LED )


HD 820 Endoscopic camera (1080 line LED 100W)


HD 810 Endoscopic camera (Resolution: 1080 line)


HD720 Endoscopic camera (Resolution: 900 line LED 100W)


HD710 Endoscopic camera (Resolution: 900 line )


LED Medical headlight (Shipped from Abroad)


Natsuremin STD Destroyer


Chi Chun Tang Prostate Hong Pills


TRS Brown Mustard Seeds


Natsuremin Fibroid Capsule


Natsuremin Triple Omega 3-6-9


Natsuremin Anti-rheumatic Herbal Remedy


Natsuremin Sperm Booster Fertility


ZIZA Blood Tonic Herbal Tea


Natsuremin sure herbal flusher




Dosage tray from ₦1,000.00

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Medixab is Nigeria’s largest online marketplace for healthcare service providers in all fields, pharmaceuticals, educational materials, and medical equipment. Choose from a selection of over 15,000 consumables, drugs, medical equipment, and educational materials from the comfort of your home or office. On you can buy NAFDAC-approved drugs from the best brands worldwide, and you get 24/7 access to support from expert medical practitioners.

With Medixab, you get access to services from healthcare professionals in all fields i.e Therapists, Dentists, Physicians, Psychologists, Chiropractors, Surgeons, and many more that are regarded highly in their various fields. For the healthcare providers, we also stock collections of learning/educational materials that will help you study healthcare practices better.

Our wide range of pharmaceuticals includes injections and infusions, organic & natural products, malaria drugs, vitamins & supplements, sexual wellbeing, cough & cold, anti-depressants, anti-diabetes, analgesics, eye care, feminine hygiene, and much more at discounted prices. Our range of medical equipment includes Radiological Equipment, Laboratory Equipments, First Aid Products, Hospital Furniture, Dental Equipments, Diagnostic Equipment, Veterinary Equipments, and much more that are used in Hospitals, Dental, Pharmacy, Veterinary, and Clinical Laboratories.

The use of medical equipment in hospitals and clinics cannot be undermined; they assist medical professionals like doctors, nurses, and surgeons in assessing patient complaints and symptoms, thereby using data collected to make informed decisions on the prescriptions and medications required for the patient. This online marketplace is great for shopping for educational materials and medical equipment.

Buying equipment for your newly built hospital, clinic, or laboratory should be easy, and that's what we specialize in at Medixab. We ensure that you can get all the medical supplies you need in one place, and you not only get the best price but also get fast delivery on all items. When looking for medical equipment suppliers in Lagos or any other part of Nigeria, you know Medixab is a name you can trust to deliver. Medixab has been in the medical equipment business in Nigeria for over five years, and we've gained the trust of our loyal customers over time by always being the best at providing health care services.

Our wide range of equipment can also be categorized as storage and transport equipment, durable medical equipment, diagnostic medical equipment, electronic medical equipment, surgical medical equipment, acute care, and procedural equipment.

Visit today to enjoy the best prices on pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, supplies, and learning materials. Popular Brands You Can Find on Medixab, Emzor, AED, Pfizer, Unilever, OAKLON, BAYER, GSK, Boots.


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