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XSP-01 Biological Microscope

XSP-01 Biological Microscope (Shipped From Abroad)

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XSP-01 Biological Microscope is a high-end, dynamic, and reliable scientific equipment designed for use in biology and medicine. This powerful microscope produces sharp images, operates smoothly, and comes at a favourable price.

This biological microscope is also useful in medical schools, colleges, universities, clinical laboratories, sanitary establishments, institutes, and hospitals. An ideal instrument for study, measurement, and research purposes. It’s a piece of reliable equipment for use in hematologic, urological, pathology-anatomic, cytological, dermatological, biological, and clinical tests.

Key Features

Produces sharp images

Convenient operation


For medical and sanitary establishments, institutes, colleges, and universities.


Product type: Biological Microscope

Eyepiece: 10X 12.5X 10X 16X

Model Number: XSP-01

Power Supply: 110V/20W, 220V/20W Optional

Objective: 4X 10X 40Xs 4X 10X 40Xs

Type: Monocular head

Product name:  XSP-01 Biological Microscope

Drawtube: Monocular

Application: For use in Hospital, schools, laboratory

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