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Dr. Lalique Okolue-Obioha

General physiotherapist

I am a graduate of Physiotherapy from Nnamdi Azikiwe University ,class 2018 ,I have been practising for the past 5 years in both public setting (federal Neuropsychiatric Hospital yaba and private setting Havana specialist hospital and physioplus associated.I have seen a range of conditions like stroke,cerebral palsy,erbs palsy,lumbar and cervical spondylosis, Rectal diastesis etc and I have experience in the various specialties on women's health,cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy, musculoskeletal Physiotherapy ,pediatrics,sports,community, neurology etc

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Profile last updated at 2023-01-05
Physiotherapy : Total Done: 50+, Annual Average: 80+, Total in the last Month: 45+

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