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Functional Knee Support

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Knee braces for structural support Knee braces are commonly prescribed by physicians for patients who have an ACL tear or some type of knee injury. The knee brace can provide added support during the recovery process. Three types of knee braces that provide structural support include: Functional braces. Studies have shown these types of braces provide some protection and additional stability to the knee after it has been injured. Rehabilitative braces. These limit side-to-side and up-and-down movement of the knee while it is healing after an injury or surgery. Prophylactic braces. These are designed to prevent injury to the knees during contact sports. The decision to wear a structural support for the knee should be based on several factors, including: Which ligaments are injured What rehabilitation you have done or plan to do The sport in which you are participating It is always wise to consult your physician on which knee brace is right for you.

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