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Elastic Tubular Varicose Stockings­ Thigh Length­

Elastic Tubular Varicose Stockings­ Thigh Length­ – Deluxe(SHIPPED FROM ABROAD)

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Elastic Tubular Varicose Stockings thigh-length are specifically designed & to relieve pain and help to recover Injured Leg, and knee braces provide support to an injured thigh and ankle splints give stability and all are flexible and breathable.


Easy to apply, a simple pull-over application.

Special knitting to cover the affected area in 4 ways, which assures

effective compression, instant relief, and retains the body heat.

To relieve discomfort from red swollen legs

Provides support to thromboembolism

Seamless stocking from below the thigh to ankle

The scientific design ensures uniform gripping, excellent aesthetics, and durability.

Special fabric assures beer comfort.

Easy to clean and maintain.

It can be used during daily routines, exercises, sports, and post-surgical rehabilitation.

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