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Meek Clavicle Brace­ (Deluxe) Grey (SHIPPED FROM ABROAD)

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Clavicle Braces are easy to use, lightweight, sleek designed and portable. It is designed to treat shoulder pain, stiffness and gives maximum support to a weak recovering shoulder

• Heavy duty straps with fabric-covered foam pads form “figure of
eight” compression over the clavicular region.
• Inter-scapulae pad made of fabric-covered foam acts as base for
straps & plastic buckles.
• Simple double-buckle system allows easy strap length adjustment
and firm locking.
• Acromio-clavicular and scapular separations due to sprain
• Management of clavicle injuries
• Posture correction in the case of stooped shoulders.

* Available in small(S), medium(M), large(L) and extra large (XL)

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