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Handheld magnifiers PB.5021 (Shipped from abroad)

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PB.5021 Magnifier 10x, aplanatic lens Ø 25 mm and handle Ø 8 mm. Fits on the PB.5022

Magnifiers are widely used by biologists, jewelers, watchmakers and philatelists to accurately observe all details of the object

At higher magnifications, the image quality of a simple magnifying glass becomes poor
When more magnification or a better image is required, Euromex multiple-lens folding magnifiers are used

Lens size

Ø 25 mm

Euromex Microscopen BV is a leading manufacturer of microscopes and other optical instruments. Founded in 1966, Euromex has become a world-class supplier of biological and stereo microscopes

The corporate office is based in Arnhem, The Netherlands. A facility with a 2,000 m2 conditioned logistics warehouse, an optomechanical workshop, an R&D department and a high-level quality control department

Around the world, Euromex operates in more than 120 countries through distributors and resellers. A wide variety of customers such as schools and educational institutes, clinical and research laboratories and a broad range of industrial customers are using Euromex microscopes

Euromex Microscopen bv is a subsidiary of Euromex Optics Group bv, a group holding company with active subsidiaries in the field of optical instruments and high level optical and opto-mechanical components 

One of the group companies is Physix Photonics, a subsidiary that manufactures optical components and assemblies. The high end capabilities of Physix vary from flat optics (filters, beamsplitters, waveplates, mirrors) to curved optics (lenses, doublets, cylindrical, aspherical) at high MIL and ISO specifications. Optical coatings such as AR, Dielectric, Neutral Density, Dichroic Filter and Beamsplitter coatings can be manufactured according to customers’ specification.

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