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Bell Helps Stop Snoring Spray

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  • A unique blend of ten essential oils that helps reduce snoring.*
  • Helps to relieve nasal congestion.*
  • Helps make nasal passages feel clearer.*
  • Helps soothe a dry and scratchy throat.*
  • Easy-to-use pump action spray.
Bell Spray is ideal for snorers with busy lifestyles. Each essential oil in the Quiet Spray formula has multiple benefits, but together they have the potential to help improve snoring issues, interrupted sleep, breathing patterns, and even dry, scratchy throat. This handy spray can be used at home or while travelling and offers up to a seven-week supply. Its so simple! Just 3 sprays, twice towards the back of the throat before you go to bed and it will start to coat and tone the soft tissue, avoiding vibrations that can lead to snoring.
Recommended Use: Use daily, before bed time. Simply tilt head backward and open mouth wide. Keeping bottle upright, point black spot on spray bottle up to mouth. Spray 3 times directing spray towards the back of the throat. Swallow and repeat again.

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