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LABCOLD Compact Blood Bank

LABCOLD Compact Blood Bank RSBT1056MD -Shipped from abroad

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Solid Door RSBT1056MD 

Labcold Keypad Electronic lock 

Stainless steel 

Labcold Alarm and Control System 

Adjustable shelves

Dual temperature display with load simulator

Blood audit interface

Core temperature alarm 

Registered medical Device in accordance with UK MDR 2002, and is compliant with BS4376: Part 1:1991

This cabinet has a top mounted instrument panel, for convenience and ease of use.

Adjustable shelves with clear inner doors ensure stable storage temperatures during door openings, whilst allowing rapid checking of stocks.

All have the unique Labcold Keypad Electronic Lock, which allows only authorised persons to access the contents by entering 4-digit code.

LABCOLD’S UNIQUE ALARM AND CONTROL SYSTEM provides a constant check of all important performance parameters with clear symbol displays of alarm status.

A touch panel display constantly shows both chamber and liquid load simulator temperatures.

A mutable, audible alarm is standard and remote alarm contacts are provided to integrate with compatible external systems.

Please Note: This refrigerator may require periodic manual defrost.

Fitted with a hygienic, wipe clean, touch screen  controller Digital keypad lock Fitted with a hygienic, wipe clean, touch screen controller with alarm battery back up, the clear LED display shows all alarms visually as well as emitting an audible warning. Both the air and load temperatures are monitored as well as a door open and mains failure alarm. With remote alarm contacts fitted as standard, this blood bank refrigerator can be linked up to most alarm systems. 

We also supply a range of blood baskets purpose made for shelf models. These are designed for good air circulation around the product while keeping labels visible for ease of access and organisation. 

Labcold blood banks are tested for 72 hours and calibrated before they are dispatched and all come with a FREE 2 year parts and labour warranty

Designed and manufactured in the UK in our Basingstoke factory, this Blood Bank refrigerator is a certified Medical Device in accordance with UK MDR 2002 and is compliant with BS4376:Part 1:1991. This blood bank is fitted with safety features such as a seven-day chart recorder to keep you in the knowledge that your product is stored correctly and safely.

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