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Motech Infrared Mat001

Motech Infrared Mat001

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Motech Infrared Lamp is an effective and fantastic lamp with amazing benefits. It’s a professional infrared therapy lamp that helps to relieve complications such as arthritis, back pain, and muscle aches, and other chronic conditions. It provides smooth pain relief and a pleasant warming effect. This infrared lamp is also used in beauty treatment for treating acne and pimples, and facial rejuvenation.

The set-up requirements and costs are minimal, yet the benefits of Motech Infrared Lamp are numerous and there’s no end to the potential home uses. This lamp uses short-wave infrared technology to create healing properties and potent pain-relieving effects.

The Motech Infrared Lamp has adjustable intensity and a flexible arm, making it easy to use and carry around. If the lamp is too hot, be sure to move it away from your body so you don’t get burned. You will not get a tan from this lamp. The infrared heat lamp you want is a 250-watt, red bulb that is sold at hardware stores as a “heat lamp.” Avoid clear or halogen bulbs!

Key Features

Made in Europe

The lamp’s deep-penetrating infra-red heat relaxes the muscles and stimulates blood circulation.

The pleasant heat expands capillary veins, resulting in a better oxygen and nutrition supply to the tissues.

Power: 150 W

Alternative medication: detoxication

Beauty care: where the temperature increase stimulates the blood supply to the skin and therewith releases the pollution and slough, which results in a softer, silky skin


Model: MAT-001

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