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Hospital Ward Screen Divider

Hospital ward screen divider

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High-quality hospital ward screens with solid panels are an effective tool in the fight against healthcare environment-acquired infections in hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, and healthcare centers. Designed to help control infection by making them both economical and easy to change more frequently.

They are produced from high-quality fabrics and are also available in different colours that blend well with almost every colour scheme.

Rigid panels made of phenolic resin, characterized by its high resistance to impacts, liquids, and disinfectants; indestructible and easy to clean. The sturdy frame is made of profiled aluminium tubing. The aluminium frame has the advantage of being very low weight. The individual panels are joined by two galvanized hinges which can be folded in both directions.

The panels are made of 3 mm thick, impact-resistant, and easy-to-clean PVC rigid foam boards. The even, micro-cell foam structure is uniformly coloured, flame retardant, and resistant to repeated disinfectant use.

Providing adequate privacy for patients during examinations, routine observations, and bed rest can significantly help to reduce the stress of health-related concerns. The Mobile Four-Panel Folding Hospital Ward Screen offers a practical solution to patient privacy by combining both stability and mobility.


Built with a durable epoxy-coated white frame

This will reduce the need to worry about the condition of the screen, ensuring patients can always have the privacy they need.

High-quality fabric

Safe material

Sturdy frame made of profiled aluminium tubing


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