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Miracle Anti-Fatigue Compression Socks

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Miracle Socks are a new anti-fatigue compression sock that boosts circulation, reduces aches and swelling while looking like traditional socks. Soothe your achy legs and feet any time with the Miracle Socks. Using graduated compression on your legs, the Miracle Socks improve circulation while reducing swelling. Each step massages your feet and legs while assisting with vein therapy, removing symptoms of spider and varicose veins. Thin and discreet, while being easy to put on and use - Miracle Socks are perfect for both men and women of any age. Great for people who are on their feet all day while sitting or standing. Miracle socks use graduated compression - maximum compression at the ankle that gradually decrease up the leg - to soothe, massage, and energize your legs and feet! comfortable and discreet, thin enough to fit in any shoe. Perfect for being on your feet, sitting all day, and travelling. Easy to put on.KEY FEATURES*Graduated Compression: Improves circulation & helps reduce aches & swelling*Massage as you move: To soothe tired, achy legs & feet*Vein Therapy: Helps relieve symptoms of spider & varicose veins*Perfect for being on your feet, sitting all day & traveling

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