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CR200 TECAR THERAPY with 2 probes 

Diathermy, also known as TECAR Therapy (meaning Capacitive and Resistive Energy Transfer), is a therapy stimulating the physiological healing process by accelerating the recovery time of motor function. 

Diathermy stimulates tissues endogenous heat production through the interaction of electromagnetic field and tissue. 

The heat is increased in a uniform controlled way. 

The electromagnetic interaction results in a ionic flow and consequently increases blood flow in the treated area. 

This process stimulates endogenous substances release (in particular cortisol and endorphins) that are necessary to reduce inflammations, pain and edemas. 

The new CR200 resistive capacitive diathermy is a modern and highly performing device easy to use by professionals. 

Preset programmes help use the device from the start. Moreover the device can set parameters (power, time therapy, capacitive/resistive modes) according to therapeutic needs. It allows the memorization of customized programmes. In this way patient protocols are easily consulted by therapists at any time. Equipped with a wide graphic display working modes. 

Selectable software language (GB, IT, ES).

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