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MAG 3000 is a certified medical device for pulsed elctromagnetic field magnetotherapy (PEMF). Suggested for the treatment of delayed union, osteoporosis, bone oedema, osteonecrosis, as well as ulcers and neuropathies. Thanks to the high intensity of the magnetic field, it is also suitable for the treatment of bone fractures even in the presence of rigid bandages or plaster casts.
- two indipendent channels
- colour display
- magnetic field intensity up to 150 gauss per channel
- frequency from 1 to 100 Hz
- 41 programmes available
- possibility to manage two treatments at the same time by setting different times and programmes (double user)
- list of the last 10 programmes used

For professional users (doctors, therapist,....) and for in-home therapy.
​Standard accessories 

3 solenoids belt applicator Medical power supply User manual (GB, FR, IT, ES) on request DE. Magnet to verify therapy operation Carrying bag Three non-woven fabric strips 15 x 150 cm

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