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XSP-03 Biological Microscope

XSP-03 Biological Microscope (Shipped From Abroad)

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XSP-03 Biological Microscope is a high-end, dynamic, and reliable scientific equipment designed for use in biology and medicine. This powerful microscope produces sharp images, operates smoothly, and comes at a favourable price.

This biological microscope is also useful in medical schools, colleges, universities, clinical laboratories, sanitary establishments, institutes, and hospitals. An ideal instrument for study, measurement, and research purposes. It’s reliable equipment for use in hematologic, urological, pathology-anatomic, cytological, dermatological, biological, and clinical tests.

Key Features

Produces sharp images

Convenient operation


For medical and sanitary establishments, institutes, colleges and university.


Product type: Biological Microscope

Eyepiece: 10X 12.5X 10X 16X

Model Number: XSP-01

Power Supply: 110V/20W, 220V/20W Optional

Objective: 4X 10X 40Xs 4X 10X 40Xs

Type: Monocular head

Product name:  XSP-01 Biological Microscope

Drawtube: Monocular

Application: For use in Hospital, school, laboratory

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