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GYNEX BED CHAIR with roll holder - blue (SHIPPED FROM ABROAD)

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GYNEX: a chair offering a unique combination of functional, aesthetic and working characteristics.

Thanks to its self-balancing seat and back-rest, GYNEX can be adjusted to any build for the greatest patient comfort. The chair is provided with an electromechanical lifting device, having a secondary power supply at 24V. The electric actuators enable the rising and descent from 57 cm off the floor (“0” position) up to a maximum of 96 cm.

The back-rest is supplied with adjustable head-rest and a paper roll holder.

The leg-rest can be independently adjusted and it has an automatic locking device. The chair can be flattened to a bed position for examination activity, the arm-rest can be removed and independently oriented.

The electric control of the chair for upright position is operated by means of a foot pedal. Operating power 230V-50 Hz (available on request 110V-60Hz).

Made in Italy.
Technical Specifications
• Power supply tension: 230V - 50 hz
• Motor tension: 24 V
• Lifting motor push: 6000 N
• Backrest push: 800 N (gas spring)
• Lifting capacity: 180 kg
• Maxium power: 90 VA
• Fuser protection: 1.6 A
Standard accessories
• Poliuretane leg-rest
• Paper-roll holder

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