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OBS Disposable ECG Electrodes are consisted of snap set, conductive gel, backing material with medical adhesive and release film. OBS Disposable ECG Electrodes model 301 are non-woven fabric backing Electrodes .These electrodes are applied by or on the order of a physician on patient’s skin, the model 301 is fit for the general electrocardiographic application of both adult and child.

Indications for Use:

Disposable ECG Electrodes are pre-gelled, non-sterile, single use disposable electrocardiographic electrodes which are intended for use as an accessory to ECG equipment for ECG monitoring , diagnostic procedures and can used for stress test & holter.

Instruction for Use:

1. Clean the skin area where the electrode will stick on. Make sure the skin area for sticking is intact (uninjured).

2. Connect the leadwire with the electrode. Make sure it is fastened and in good contact.

3. Tear off the release film from the bottom (the part away from metal stud) of electrode.

4. Press lightly when stick the electrodes to the skin and make sure the conductive gel and adhesive backing stick on the skin tightly.


·Don’t peel the release film from metal stud of electrode. It may break the structure and affect the function of electrodes.

·ECG electrodes should only be used by or in consultation with a health care provider familiar with their proper placement and use.

·ECG electrodes may damage the skin if removed carelessly.

·ECG electrodes should be applied only to intact, clean skin (e.g., not over open wounds, lesions, infected, or inflamed areas).

·Do not reuse this device. It may cause infection and affect the performance if reuse this device.

Product Description

  • Disposable ECG Electrode.
  • Not suitable for use on newborn of premature infants.
  • Disposable ECG electrodes are compatible with all machines.
  • one pouch having 100 pcs.
  • Solid Gel.
  • Foam Based.
  • These electrodes incorporate a moistened pad to make good contact with the patient's skin, with the cloth backing sticker to give patients the maximum ventilation and minimum skin allergy.

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