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ARI-2200 Colposcope (Complete Set)(Shipped From Abroad)

ARI-2200 Colposcope (Complete Set)(Shipped From Abroad)

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The Colposcope has an extensive image database of cases (up to 175 kinds), which makes it convenient for the doctor to make a comparative analysis. It has advanced image processing technology that can achieve the mark, area calculation, and zoom in and out functions. It has editing functions for accessing images, freezing, collecting, deleting pictures, etc.

Images can be collected continuously and display several appearances on the same screen and convenient to contrast, full-screen display. The reports can be printed in multiple formats.

Product Set: Camera, software, stand, computer, monitor, printer, and trolley.

Scope of Application: On the clinical, checkup with the vulva, vagina, cervix, and other parts.

Product Specifications

·      Camera System: 1/4” color CCD, automatic focus

·      Light Source Type: LED light source

·      Resolution: >470 lines

·      Signal Noise Ratio of Lens: 50dB

·      Focusing Distance: 10~800mm

·      Magnification Times: 252 times

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