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Ideal for dieticians, gymnasia and sports centres, it is perfect also for homecare. It helps manage nutrition, fitness and weight control and can indicate if you are at the right weight and also whether you are nutritionally healthy.

Advanced technology in your hands.
GIMA Body Fat Analyzer measures the flow of electrical signals (total body electrical resistance or impedance) as they pass through FAT, LEAN (muscle, bones, vital organs) or WATER. When the amount of fat, lean or water changes, so does the Body Fat signal, giving you a highly reliable and accurate measure of the amount of each of these components that make up your total weight.
Specifically, 4 electrodes are placed over metacarpus and metatarsus where a 50 kHz current is introduced. The detected signal level will be an index of total
body water and fat free mass.

Only 2 minutes for an essential and easy test: testing and results take less than two minutes and have the same accuracy as other more expensive devices.

A lot of meaningful data
• FAT: actual weight of fat on the body
• LEAN: actual weight of lean, mostly muscle and vital organs
• WATER: water content in the body
• % FAT: percentage of fat weight in total body weight
• % LEAN: percentage of lean weight in total body weight
• BMR: basal metabolic rate
• Target Weight: weight goal under optimal condition
• Target % Fat: normal percent for sex and age
• Portable, for performing test everywhere: small size and light weight for portability

• Body Fat Analyzer helps get and stay fit. It helps maximize personal level of fitness if you want to lose weight, build muscle, tone and trim, or simply be sure you are maintaining your current level of fitness:
- enables you to check effectiveness of weight loss programme, telling exactly where your weight loss is coming from (fat-lean-water)
- it helps monitoring improvements in muscle mass as a result of exercise and/or diet
- establishes a baseline for your body composition, so that nutritional and fitness improvements can be regularly monitored

Frequent calibration (code 27324 calibration kit) is necessary for accurate results in the time.

Supplied with a carrying case, kit of 2 sensor cables, sensor pads (box of 20), 2x9 V batteries, transformer and manual (GB, IT, FR, ES).

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