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CU-SP1 is the last generation of intelligent public access defibrillators with innovative features.

CU-SP1 Fully automated external defibrillator (AED)
If connected to a patient, the device acquires and analyses the electrocardiogram (ECG) for the presence of Ventricular Fibrillation or Ventricular Tachycardia (shockable rhythms). If a shockable rhythm is detected, the device automatically charges itself. After charging is completed, the equipment delivers an electric shock automatically. The devices are easy to use, guide throughout rescue operation using voice prompts and indicators (LED and graphical indicators).

- Auto volume adjustment
It detects ambient noise and automatically adjusts volume of its prompts to make them audible over the background noise.

- Smart pads - intelligent storage
The pre-connected "Smart" electrode pads are stored in an easy access compartment on the underside of the unit. This ensures that the iPAD SP1 is always ready to be used in the shortest time possible. In addition, the visual frontal indicator shows if the connected pads are within their life expectancy. The indicator will change when the pads have only 3 months life left before their expiry date giving you time to arrange for replacements. It will change again when the expiry date is reached.

- CPR detection
CPR ensures that the casualty has the best chances of survival. The CU-SP1 detects if CPR is being performed with appropriate prompts, if not it encourages the responder to perform it.

- Easy communication with CU-EX1 software
Installing CU-EX1 software onto a computer allows you to see and analyze the usage history of the unit. Information such as time of "power on", the casualty's heart rhythm and shocks delivered are all clearly presented.

- 25 languages available (to be indicated with order)
Selectable software languages: GB, PL, CZ, DK, SE, FI, NO, LT, UA, KR
Manual: GB, PL, CZ, DK, LT, NO, KR (Languages listed in "Voice", but not in "Manual" have English manual)

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