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GIMA GLUCOSE MONITOR KIT with Bluetooth (mg/dL) Powered by ACON

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GIMA GLUCOSE MONITOR KIT with Bluetooth (mg/dL)


10-70% HCT range allowsneonatal and anemic blood samplesGDH-FAD enzyme allows capillary,venous, arterial blood samples. 

No interference from maltose, galactose... 

large display screen for easy reading 

strip ejector avoid cross-contamination 

1,000 test memory with date and time 

auto sample identification(blood/control solution) 

7, 14, 30, 60 and 90-dayaverages calculation 

Ketone & Hyper/Hypo warnings 

meal-marker function to monitorresults before and after meals 

automatic detection of insufficient sample 

no-coding technology


Accurate and reliable glucose monitors for self testing andprofessional use. 

Extensive clinical studies demonstrate theaccuracy of Gima glucose monitoring system, powered byAcon, with fresh capillary, venous, neonatal blood samples. 

Comply with ISO15197:2013/EN ISO15197:2015. 

Available as meter only or complete kit. 

Kit includes 10 strips, controI solution, 10 sterile lancets, lancetdevice, clear cap (for testing on forearm or palm), carryingcase, user manual. 

Bluetooth version (24114 only):Fully integrated Bluetooth allows for data transmission to datamanagement platforms.

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