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Digital Hotplate LZ-DHP-A100 (Shipped from abroad)

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Digital Hotplate LZ-DHP-A100

Digital Hotplate LZ-DHP-A100 is a PID temperature controlled hotplate with convenient temperature setting via on-touch control. It offers 680 W power and 170 × 170 mm plate dimension. LED screen displays preset and current temperature value for visual monitoring of parameters. Built-in alarm signal output for stoppage of hotplate operation. External temperature control for direct and precise control of actual temperature.

  • Designed with PID temperature control technology for accurate and reliable results
  • Convenient temperature setting via on-touch control
  • Offers complicated temperature control requirements
  • Designed with bright LED screen can display both set value and actual temperature
  • Material used aluminum coated with ceramic
  • Timer function for automatic heating up to 100 hours
  • Equipped with alarm signal output which can be applied to stop the operation of the hot plate and the other connected devices
  • Offers external PT100 temperature sensor connection for direct and precise control of the actual temperature

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