JH-W3 TWS bluetooth BTE hearing aids (Shipped from abroad)

JH-W3 TWS bluetooth BTE hearing aids (Shipped from abroad)

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The JH-W3 is an efficient, self-fitting,  and customizable Bluetooth BTE hearing aid, suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss. The JH-W3 APP “Smart Hearing” can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store. The APP controls the hearing aid’s volume, switches modes, and tests your hearing. Bluetooth 5.0 enables the user to stream music and make a phone call within a 20-meter distance.

Mini portable Charging case includes anti-bacterial UV lighting and dry case function.

Key Features

- Smartphone App (iOS/Android)

- Personal each ear independently via the App

- Control EQ settings for the optimal audio experience

- 3-in-1 Multifunction Charging Case

- Mini Portable Charging Case

- Anti-Bacterial UV lighting

- Binaural Bluetooth connection for calling and streaming

- Water resistant

- Nano Coating repels liquid

- Mechanical IPX6


Average OSPL90: 111dB±4dB

Max OSPL90: ≤122dB+3dB

Reference Test Gain: 30dB±5dB

EQ Input Noise: ≤29dB+3dB

Frequency Range: 400Hz4500Hz

Total Harmonic Wave Distortion: ≤7%+3%

Battery Current: ≤10mA

Size & Weight: Hearing aid: 34.2×15.9×9.2 mm: 4.3g

Recharge Case: 49.9x73x44 mm; 67g

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