District Laboratory Practice in Tropical Countries Part 2 2nd Edition

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This immensely useful volume describes in practical detail microbiological, haematological, and blood transfusion techniques with, as in Part 1, an emphasis on the use of standard operating procedures, quality assurance and good laboratory practice. There is a twenty page colour section, including 80 microbiology plates and 35 plates showing normal and abnormal blood cells. The microbiology chapter focuses on infections prevalent in tropical countries, including HIV, tuberculosis and dengue. The haematology chapter deals with the investigation of anaemia, microscopical examination of blood films, and tests to investigate the prevalent haemoglobinopathies. The blood transfusion chapter provides guidelines on the appropriate use of blood, and describes selection of donors, collection of blood, screening of blood for transmissible infections, blood grouping, storage of blood, and compatibility testing.

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