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A Textbook For Midwives In The Tropics 2nd Edition

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This handy pocket guide is the perfect quick reference. Organized alphabetically for easy reference, this is a repository for all concepts, treatment options, drugs and dosages, which are difficult to remember and vitally important. A must-have for every midwife! This second edition of a groundbreaking book is substantially revised to deliver the foundation for an evidence-based model for best practices in midwifery, a model critical to raising the TROPICAL current standing as the bottom-ranking country for maternity mortality among developing nations.With a focus on updated scientific evidence as the framework for midwifery practice, the book includes over 20 completely systematically arranged chapters that address both continuing and new areas of practice, the impact of institutional and national policies, and the effects of diversity and globalization. Incorporating the midwifery model of care, the book provides strategies for change and guidance for implementing evidence-based best practices. The book examines midwifery efforts to improve the health of women and children in the TROPICS. Centering Pregnancy, a focus on physiologic birth, and successful global endeavors. It encompasses a diverse nationwide authorship that includes leaders in midwifery,academicians, midwives representing diversity, hospital- and community-based practitioners, and policymakers. This coalition of authors from diversebackgrounds facilitates an engaging and robust discussion around best practices

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