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Macleod's Clinical Examination (IE), 14 Edition

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This classic textbook sets out clearly and concisely how to evaluate symptoms and elicit relevant physical signs. It describes the practical skills which every clinician must acquire and develop in order to evolve diagnostic procedures and management strategies and plans. The book starts with a general section on the principles of history taking and the general examination that provides the framework for a patient examination. The second system-based examination section documents the relevant history, examination and investigations for all the major body systems. A newly arranged third section covers history and examination in specific situations and emphasises an integrated and structured approach to these patients. A final section spells out how to put the techniques learned in the book into use both in clinical practice and when preparing for assessment. Available with access to ancillary videos demonstrating key clinical examination routines following the format laid out in the book. A new editorial team have radically revised the contents and format of this Fourteenth Edition. Several new chapters have been created as a result of a radical revision of the order and approach of the book. These include a chapter on patients with mental illness; a chapter on examining the frail elderly; a chapter on the key issues to be considered when examining a deteriorating patient; and a new chapter on preparing for clinical practice. The structure of the text has been rationalised with a more balanced use of boxes, tables and figures to set out the concepts more clearly.

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