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-15" color TFT display, up to 14 waveforms-One level menu, easy to use-Parameters including ECG/RESP, SpO2 , NIBP, TEMP, Pulse Rate and IBP(optional)-Maximum 720 hour graphic and tabular trends of all parameters-Built-in recorder and battery
-Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patient-Arrhythmia analysis, ST calculation, Pace analysis-Anti-ESU, anti- defibrillator-Standard network interface, can connect to Central monitor system
Main Functions:
1. Six display interface;
2. Store and recall: maximum 720 hour graphic and tabular trends of all parameters, 2 hours waveform, 1000 group NIBP, 200 group alarm events;
3. Sound, light, voice prompt alarm;
4. Support wire or wireless WIFI networking
5. ST segment point adjustable
Standard Configuration:
1. 15” widescreen TFT, Resolution ratio: 1024×768, up to 12 waveforms ;
2. Display ECG, SpO2, pulse rate, NIBP, respiration, temperature
3. Plumbic acid battery.Optional:1. Recorder(Built-in)2. CO23. Anesthesia depth
4. Anesthesia gas monitoring
5. Oxygen monitoring
2Applicable standards 
Medical electrical equipment GB 9706.1-2007,
 Part I: General requirements for safety GB 9706.25-2005 Medical electrical equipment
 Part 2-27: ECG monitoring equipment safety requirements 
YY 1079-2008 ECGYY0667-2008
 Medical electrical equipment Part 2: Automatic cycling non-invasive blood pressure monitoring equipment, safety and essential performance
YY0668-2008 Medical electrical equipment Part 2: multi-parameter patient monitoring equipment requirements for the safety

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