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For application in cutting bone during joint surgery.
With the perfect shape of ergonomic design, whole unit is autoclavable, motor is imported, low noise, steadily and quickly cutting, no damage for soft tissue, long service life, be warranty for 1 year. A variety of different thickness or the length of the saw blade for your selection .Common length are 70mm,90mm and 100mm,common thickness are 0.8mm,1.0mm,1.2mm and 1.27mm,saw blade also can be customized according to your request.


1.  Normal bone drill can only hold drill bits less than 6mm,acetabulum 
    reaming drill with big torque, rpm is around 300,canulate drill is used 
    with nail or K wire ,rpm is around 600.
2.The battery need to be get out of the power tool after surgery. Otherwise 
    the small automatic discharge of the electric will make the life of the 
    battery short.
3.The battery cannot be sterilized ,it is not autoclavable.
4.The cranial bur must be washed right after the surgery by purger in 
    order to avoid the blood stick in the bur, then we should make it dry.
5.The battery space in the handpiece of the tool should not have any 
    water, after sterilization.
6.The cranial bur blade is made of medical stainless steel, in order to 
    avoid broken, so it is flexible and not very hard, it is easy to be attrite, 
    we suggest each blade only use for 1 surgery.

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