Gastric Lavage Machine DXW-A

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Hospital Equipment , CLinic Therapy Suction Unit DXW-A electric gastric lavage 
1. This machine uses electromagnetic water pump as the power source for flushing and aspirating;
2. The stomach and the gastric outlet are completely separated, which can effectively prevent cross infection;
3. The gastric lavage is rapid and clean, and there is no damage to the gastric mucosa;
4. It has two operation functions: manual in and out gastric lavage and self-controlled gastric lavage, which is easy to adjust and control;
5. With fault sound and light reminder device, it is convenient for troubleshooting and equipment maintenance;
6. The top integrated instrument tray is used to place surgical kits or other items when in use;
7. Well-designed handles and casters make the machine simple and elegant, flexible and comfortable to move
8. A power cord can be placed in the storage box to facilitate collection when the machine is deactivated;
9. The back door can be opened without any tools, the solution bucket can be placed inside, and the space occupied by the machine is small when it is deactivated;
10. The outside of the machine has smooth and excessive arc, which is easy to clean and maintain.

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