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Fetal Heart Monitor IC60

Fetal Heart Monitor IC60

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The fetal monitor is a device used to listen to a baby’s heartbeat during labor and delivery to check for early signs of distress, so adjustments in approach to the labor can be made if necessary. Transducers transmit data to a machine that records information on the fetal heartbeat and the maternal contractions. Some hospitals have devices that work wirelessly so the mother can walk around while being monitored. The fetal monitor has a large display, enabling monitoring from a more significant distance. It has two types of fetal movement recording functions - Manual & Automatic.

Product Features

  • Ultrasound probe with higher sensitivity and waterproof property
  • 12.1-inch High-resolution color TFT display with a tiltable screen
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Displays the monitoring information for the last 25 hours
  • Standard configuration: FHR, TOCO, and fetal movement
  • Automatic fetal movement detection with an event marker 
  • Thermal printing facility to get the results easily

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