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DEF-9000A Defibrillator (SHIPPED FROM ABROAD)

DEF-9000A Defibrillator (SHIPPED FROM ABROAD)

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The Def-9000A defibrillator is an electronic device that administers an electric shock of pre-set voltage to the heart through the chest wall to restore the heart's normal rhythm during ventricular fibrillation.

Technical Specifications

Non-synchronizer: External defibrillator

Sine wave: Monophasic technology

Energy: 0,3,5,7,10,20,30,50,100,200,300,360 Joule (Nominal at a resistance of 50)

Charging time: At 360J, less than 10 sec.

Paddle: Reusable external adult paddles (Pediatric paddles integrated)

Power Supply: Operates from the mains (AC) and lead-acid battery (optional li-ion battery)

Battery Charge 3.5h to full; full charge to 35 shocks (360 Joule)

Sealed rechargeable 12-volt battery

Power Requirements

AC Power supply: 110V, 60 Hz /220V, 50 Hz

Vehicle Voltage: DC 12V

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