Infant Bed X01-1

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Product Description

Important Quality Control
* Stylish modern design, ergonomic to provide a comfortable experience for babies
* Custom mattress, soft and comfortable material, dustproof, antibacterial and easy to clean
* Transparent baby basin, environmentally plastic non-toxic, odorless, can be sterilized at temperatures above 100 °C
* Rubber free wheel, wear-resistant, antiskid, shock absorption,can rotate 360° freely
* Available in three colors: Blue, Green, Pink
* 3 functions: Height adjustment, Trendelenburg and reversed trendelenburg.
* Convenient to take care of baby
* Easy to operate handle, control gas spring by handle to achieve various functions, excellent design and easy operation
* With basket on each side,easy to place goods, 
* Environmentally plastic is non-toxic and easy to clean

X01-1 Plastic Mobile New Born Baby Bed

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