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MISOFEM 4's (A pack of 4tablets)

MISOFEM 4's -A pack of 4tablets

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Miso-Fem contains Misoprostol, a drug used for many gynecological issues, such as for the management of miscarriage and prevention of excessive bleeding after childbirth (postpartum hemorrhage). It comes in two packs of 4’s and 12’s.

Product Features

For Obstetrics and gynecological uses:

  • Medical abortion: effective both alone (87%) and in combination with mifepristone (96%)
  • Miscarriage management: effective and highly acceptable for treating early pregnancy loss or incomplete abortion
  • Cervical ripening: effective ripening agent before first-trimester aspiration abortions. Also used before endometrial biopsy or IUD insertion.
  • Labor induction: highly effective for inducing vaginal delivery within 24 hours
  • Postpartum hemorrhage (PPH): used for prevention and treatment of PP

NOTE: (To be used by/under the supervision of Health professionals only)

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