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Mifepak has been tested and certified to work effectively in the first trimester. Mifepak is an abortion drug that blocks a hormone called progesterone needed for a pregnancy to continue. Mifepak, when used together with another medication called misoprostol, is used to terminate an early pregnancy (70 days or less).

Side Effects

Nausea, weakness, dizziness, vomiting, or diarrhoea may occur. If these symptoms persist beyond the first 24 hours, seek immediate medical attention as they can indicate signs of a severe medical problem.

Bleeding and cramping are expected during this treatment. Generally, these symptoms mean the drugs are working. However, you can sometimes have cramps and bleeding and still be pregnant. It would help if you went for all your follow-up visits with your doctor.

Bleeding and spotting may persist for up to 30 days and may be much heavier than a normal period. In rare cases, this bleeding can only be stopped by surgery. Seek immediate medical attention if you bleed enough to soak through 2 thick, full-size sanitary pads each hour for two consecutive hours or if you are worried about heavy bleeding.

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