Transport Incubator TI2000

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1)Air mode and Baby mode controlled by micro-computer;
2)Use AC Power and DC Power alternatively, DC 12V or DC 24V Power on the ambulance;
3)Set temperature, air temperature, baby temperature and internal battery voltage can be displayed separately;
4)Failure alarm indication;
5)Double wall Acrylic glass hood with side door so that thebassinet can be pulled out from it;
6)Natural air flow humidity;
7)The height of whole unit can be adjusted;
8)With Oxygen cylinder and Oxygen supply configuration;
9)Observation lamp, adjustable brightness

Standard Configuration:
The hood,
The base,
The mobile cabinet,
The controller,
Internal battery
Observation lamp
Oxygen cylinders
Oxygen supply system
Skin temperature sensor
I. V pole,
Adjustable stand
Optional Configuration:
≥ 37° C override temperature mode
Disposable skin temperature sensor
Ambulance trolley

Environmental Temperature:
Operating range: 10° C -30° C
(set temperature should be higher 3° C than the environment temperature)
Ambient air movement rate: ≤ 1.0 m/s

Package Information:
Packing: Each unit is packed into two cartons
Packing size:
Hood and controller: 985mm*680mm*890mm, G. W: 95kg
Trolley: 1440mm*645mm*580mm, G. W: 58kg

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