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Transport Incubator TI2000

Transport Incubator TI2000

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The purpose of the Transport Incubator TI2000 is identical to an incubator used in the Intensive Care Unit. It is used to provide a desired warm environment to a neonate to reduce heat loss to the environment. There are situations when a neonate or baby has to be transferred via air or road from one place to another either in search of an intensive care unit or to a different hospital for additional therapy. 

Product Features and specifications

·      Air mode and baby mode are controlled by micro-computer

·      Use AC Power and DC Power alternatively, DC 12V or DC 24V Power on the ambulance

·      Set temperature, air temperature, skin temperature, and internal battery power are displayed by the LED Self-testing function, and various failure alarms by audible and visual

·      Alarm function: Power failure, over temperature, Temperature deviation, Fan failure, Temperature sensor failure.

·      Double wall hood with side and front door, four operating windows, two iris ports, and five infusion seals. The infant bed can be pulled out from the side door easily.

·      Natural air flow humidity: The height of the whole unit is an adjustable Oxygen supply system

·      LED observe light, adjustable brightness

·      Built-in storage cabinet

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