Infant Incubator YP-920

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Infant Incubator YP-920

● Air mode and baby mode servo-controlled by micro-computer;

● Humidity concentration control system;

● Set temperature, air temperature, baby temperature, humidity concentration are displayed separately;

● >37℃ temperature set function;

● Inclination of the bassinet is adjustable;

● Multiple failure alarm indications;

● Embedded integrated sensor box and drawer-type water reservoir;

● Double wall hood, automatic air circulation device;

● RS-232 connector;

● Low noise DC motor;

● Optional configuration: Fixed neonate bilirubin phototherapy equipment, Vertical Height Adjustment cabinet (VHA stand),

Weighing system, disposable skin temperature sensor, SpO2.

The YP-920 is a high to mid-range infant incubator which offers a large number of standard features, including humidity control. Optional features are also available to suit individual requirements.

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