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BRAUNOL is an antiseptic and disinfectant containing iodinated povidone used for sanitizing infected wounds or rinsing mucous membranes. BRAUNOL Multifunctional disinfectant solution is suitable for skin and mucosal decontamination, hygienic disinfection of hands, as well as for wound healing both fresh and hard to heal.

At the time of use, i.e. after one minute, it shows complete bactericidal and fungicidal activity.

Dosage and Method of Use

BRAUNOL is intended for external use, both in diluted and undiluted form. The product is applied to the treated area until it is completely moistened. The antiseptic film that forms when the product dries can be easily washed off with water.


100g of the solution contains 7.5 g of povidone monohydrate with 10% content of assimilable iodine and purified water, sodium dihydrogenphosphate, sodium iodide, macrogol lauryl ether 9, sodium hydroxide.


Do not use BRAUNOL if you are allergic to iodinated povidone or any of the other ingredients.

Methods of Use

Hygienic hand disinfection: 3ml of liquid rub in hands for 1 minute, then wash hands

Surgical hand disinfection: 2 x 5ml of liquid rub in hands for 5 minutes.

Disinfection of skin poor in sebaceous glands: Before injection and puncture, concentrated solution for 15 sec.

Disinfection of skin with poor sebaceous glands: Before joints, body cavities and cavernous organs and before operation, concentrated solution for a minimum of 1 minute.

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