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Gynaecology Delivery Table MAS-Gyn3

Gynaecology Delivery Table MAS-Gyn3

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MAS-Gyn3 Gynaecology delivery table is designed for women’s delivery, gynecological examination diagnosis, and cesarean operation. Comes with height adjustment, Trendelenburg, and reverse Trendelenburg of the whole table and the backrest. Controlled by advanced linear motors through a foot switch.

This delivery/gynaecology table is designed and manufactured to meet the needs of hospitals, maternity wards, and clinics. The planks, basins and all outer shells are made of stainless steel, which makes nice appearance and easy cleaning and sterilizing.

Key Features

Mattress is beautiful and easy to clean

The basin and column are made of stainless steel

Convenient and comfortable

Stainless steel waste bin

Electrostatic powder-coated metal frame

Adjustable polyurethane leg supports

Synthetic leather-coated mattress surface

Support handles

Technical Details

External Dimensions: 74x125cm

Mattress Dimensions: 58x172cm

Height: 99cm

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