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Triple Blood Bags System (A pack of 5pcs)

Triple Blood Bags System (A pack of 5pcs)

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A blood bag is designed for blood collection, Processing, and transfusion of whole blood. Triple Blood Bag is designed to separate whole blood into three components; Red blood cells, platelets, and plasma, through centrifugation and extraction.

Product Features and Specifications

  • Triple blood bag system
  • Capacity: 450ml primary bag and two empty satellite bags
  • Triple blood bag: 450ml primary bag containing CPDA solution and two satellite bags (400ml bag containing SAGM preservative and 400 ml for platelet storage)
  • Additive: CPDA-1
  • Fit with 16G needle


  • Transparent PVC, almost colorless (to allow visual inspection of the product)
  • Flexible
  • Fitted with holes for easy suspension of the bags
  • With an in-line closure device
  • Provided with writable label


  • Flexible but kink-resistant
  • Length: Minimum length of tubing from the primary bag to the needle should be 80 cm.
  • Fitted with a clamp
  • Donor tubing fit with 16 G needle.
  • Cap to protect the needle and ensure integrity and sterility of the system.


  • CPDA-1 (citrate phosphate dextrose adenine solution)
  • Allows anticoagulation and preservation of blood.
  • The anti-coagulant solution only present in the primary bag
  • Quantity: 63 ml

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