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Hydraulic Operating Table MF2184

Hydraulic Operating Table MF2184 (SHIPPED FROM ABROAD)

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Hydraulically operated table, five sections, and stainless steel table top having all surgical positions i.e. raising/lowering, trendelenburg, reverse trendelenburg, lateral tilt, and flex/re H flex & chair position. Interchangeable head and leg sections. All positions operated through cranks fitted at the side end of the table. Supplied complete with standard SS accessories & mattress. This Side End Control OT Table is mobile, hydraulic designed to support virtually all general surgical procedures like: gynecology and urology. This Surgical Table features can be opting by its mechanism i.e. Lateral tilt, Trendelenburg/ Reverse Trendelenburg, Chair Position and Adjustable height functions.


· The five section Stainless Steel table top is equipped with removable, antistatic mattresses.

· All the positions are realized by a mechanical driver.

· The table is furnished with hard, robust stainless steel shell which provides the sense of dirt free & sanitized operations.

· Precision made hydraulic system with a single lever action hydraulic life controlled by a foot pedal.

· Five section stainless steel top gives anatomic adaptation to the patient body

· Inbuilt Kidney Bridge and large perinea cut out for drainage.

· Manual floor locking system

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